MAGURA Integration Series

Integration in Perfection

Magura Cockpit Integration

With this new MAGURA Integration Series, the German brake specialist has given us a completely new product series. It is characterised by special integration solutions that further optimise the design and function of the already-proven MAGURA products. After successfully producing the integrated HSi rim brake and the HGi heated grips, MAGURA has now turned its attention to the cockpit.

MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi)

The new MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi) is the world’s first hydraulic brake that’s fully integrated in the handlebar. With no external cables, the MCi gives riders a tidy cockpit, better aerodynamics and greater protection for hydraulic components. 

The first symbiosis of handlebar and brake

The first symbiosis of handlebar and brake – and his has been designed to be user-friendly during servicing. Check all features in our video!

Clean Design

For the first time, the new MAGURA MCi moves the hydraulic unit of the brakes and all the brake lines inside the handlebar. The result is a tidy appearance accompanied by enhanced functionality, offering effective protection against crashes and mechanical damage.

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Internal Cylinder

The heart of the MAGURA MCi is a cylinder, which is invisibly located in the handlebar grip area. The brake lines are also laid inside the handlebar – they are led through the stem unit and steering tube through special holes in the handlebars.

The dimensions of the expansion reservoir and the piston diameter of the MCi correspond to the dimensions used in the MAGURA MT series. This gives the MCi the same stability and braking force as conventional MAGURA MT brakes.

User-friendly Easy Link installation

The new MAGURA Easy Link coupling enables a simple plug-in connection between the MCi and the brake line. During servicing, the entire unit can be separated and dismantled without losing any oil.

Easy Bleed Technology

Easy bleeding at the handlebar end thanks to the MAGURA Easy Bleed technology.

Magura HSi - The next generation HS

Thanks to its integrated construction design, the HSi is significantly more rigid than conventional HS brakes – and it has 5% more braking power.

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HSi brake

The HSi is 2.5cm closer to the fork or frame and offers a clean design as well as a harder brake feeling and more power. The maintenance-free operation remains the same. This makes the HSi one of the most reliable rim brakes on the market – and it won’t balk at any descent.


MAGURA HGi - Warm hands for E-Biker

With the new HGi heated grips – and the optimisation of their appearance – MAGURA has once again demonstrated its dedication to the needs of cyclists who are on the road all year round. The heated grips have long been a part of the company’s motorcycle portfolio – and now MAGURA is also offering them for E-Bikes and S-Pedelecs. Continuously adjustable, up to a maximum temperature of 40°C. 

HGi heated grips

The new HGi heated grips are powered by the E-Bike battery and are continuously adjustable depending on the interface, up to a maximum temperature of 40°C. The grips will be installed on bicycles of cooperating bicycle manufacturers from 2019.