MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi)

Integration in perfection

The first symbiosis of handlebar and brake.

MCi Conceptbike

MCi Conceptbike Build Video

Following the presentation of the first brake fully integrated into a handlebar, MAGURA now presents an optimized concept bike – with no external cables and tubings. Click the build up video for more.

All details about the new MCi

For the first time, the new MAGURA MCi moves the hydraulic unit of the brakes and all the brake lines inside the handlebar. The result is a tidy appearance accompanied by enhanced functionality, offering effective protection against crashes and mechanical damage.

All details about the new MCi
Internal Cylinder

The heart of the MAGURA MCi is a cylinder, which is invisibly located in the handlebar grip area. The brake lines are also laid inside the handlebar – they are led through the stem unit and steering tube through special holes in the handlebars.

The dimensions of the expansion reservoir and the piston diameter of the MCi correspond to the dimensions used in the MAGURA MT series. This gives the MCi the same stability and braking force as conventional MAGURA MT brakes.

Hidden tubings

Starting from the MCi cylinder inside the handlebars, the completely invisible tubings run through the handlebars and stem unit. The front tubing then goes through a prepared hole in the stem unit directly to the line routing at the suspension fork and to the brake calliper. The rear wheel tubing is led through the headset system into the frame. The diameter of the upper headset bearing is oversized to enable the guiding of the tubing between the tapered steerer tube and the bearing. A reducing sleeve provides a guide hole for the tubing – an invisible entry into the frame. This type of routing is already available in serial production from some headset and bicycle manufacturers.

User-friendly Easy Link installation

The new MAGURA Easy Link tube coupling enables a simple plug-in connection between the MCi and the brake line. During servicing, the entire unit can be separated and dismantled without losing any oil.

Easy Bleed Technology

Easy bleeding at the handlebar end thanks to the MAGURA Easy Bleed technology.

Initially, the MCi will only be reserved for OE partners. MAGURA will act as the MCi system supplier during the development and will specify the components such as handlebars, stem unit and cable/line routing together with the respective bicycle manufacturer. An aftermarket version is not planned for the near future.

First production bikes: