What to do if the bite point on your disc brakes is spongy, soft or simply not right?

Measures against a spongy, soft or simply not right bite point.



Has the brake calliper been mounted correctly?

Make sure that the brake calliper is sitting flat and tilt-free on its mounting and that the adapter is correctly mounted.


Align the brake calliper height:

When installed correctly, the brake pad should adequately cover the friction ring of the brake disc – it shouldn’t be located above the struts of the brake disc.


Align the brake calliper with the brake disc:

Make sure that the brake calliper is correctly aligned with the brake disc. The brake disc must run centrally/parallel in the brake calliper gap – it must not grind on the brake pads.


Check the attachment of the brake disc:

Check the centerlock or the 6-hole mounting of the brake disc. For 6-hole brake discs, start by rotating the retaining screws only 2 or 3 turns – then turn the brake disc clockwise to centre it and prevent movement during the braking process. Now tighten the screws crosswise to a maximum torque of 4 Nm.

You can use the attached form for a schematic representation of this job.



Check the thickness of the brake disc and the brake pad. The disc must not be less than 1.8 mm thick. Also check the thickness of the brake pads. The combined thickness of pad and the carrier plate must not be less than 2.5 mm. You can use the MAGURA transport device to test this.



Check the filling level of the system and look for leaks. Bleed the system in accordance with the following instructions.



Safety information:

We strongly recommend that you read the enclosed manual/operating instructions before using MAGURA products. Always observe and follow all instructions for assembly, operation and maintenance in this manual and the operating instructions of other manufacturers whose products are used on your bicycle – and please don’t overestimate the products’ abilities. Have assembly and maintenance work carried out in a specialist bicycle workshop or in an authorised MAGURA Service Centre, where a professional job is guaranteed.