FAQ - Types of Brake Discs and Brake Pads

We supply all the important replacement and wear parts from a single source, guaranteeing maximum performance and safety when you most need it. The choice of the correct brake disc and brake pad depends on what kind of biking they are used for and the rider’s preferences.


STORM SL.2 - Lightweight Performance - 160mm (100g), 180mm (118g)

Despite its light weight the Storm SL.2 offers high braking power and can be used with 2 and 4 piston calipers. With a weight of 100g (160mm) and 118g (180mm) it aims at Cross Country riders, who want to save weight without sacrificing performance.


STORM HC - Suitable for extreme rides. - 160mm (127g), 180mm (148g), 203mm (182g)

The Storm HC brake disc is suitable for extreme, very demanding rides. Whether in the Downhill World Cup, at the trial shows of Danny MacAskill or at the Enduro World Series, the Storm HC will give you the best braking performance even with high loads.




To be prepared for all riding conditions, you can choose between three different brake pads: "Performance", "Comfort" and "Race". Available for all MT brake models, these pads come with single linings or double linings for 4-piston callipers.

Comfort Pad: 

"Comfort" brake pads are very interesting for riders who value the best possible modulation. Beginners especially will appreciate the good-natured braking behaviour and the long service life of these brake pads.

Performance Pad:

These pads are suitable for all riders who are looking for excellent performance and a high level of durability. Whether on extended tours or on long bike park days, the "Performance" brake pads will always stop you safely.

Race Pad:

These brake pads really bite! They're designed to deliver the best possible braking power – in all conditions – and are recommended for racing aficionados and performance-oriented riders who need short deceleration times at high speeds.


More information about MAGURA brake pads can be downloaded here:

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