FAQ - Eliminating noises on rimbrakes

If your disc brakes make a noise during braking, we recommend the following measures to eliminate the various causes.



Check if the wheels, hubs and axles are mounted correctly:

Make sure, that the wheels are mounted correctly, and that the hubs and axles are mounted without any free play. Also check the spokes for the correct tension.

Check screws and bolts for the correct torque:

Make sure, that all surrounding screws are torqued to the correct torque. Please use the torque for each mounting Option. (in direction of travel)

MAGURA Evo Mount: upper right 6 Nm, lower right 6 Nm, upper left 6 Nm, lower left 4,5 Nm. 

MAGURA Easy Mount: upper right 4 Nm, lower right 4 Nm, upper left 4 Nm, lower left 4,5 Nm. 

Align the brake pad height

Align the brake pad to the rim. Check our Youtube Videos for detailed instructions: https://www.youtube.com/user/MAGURAPassionPeople


Check the rim and brake pad wear 

Make sure that both surfaces aren´t worn out.



The coefficient of friction is subject to changes caused by dirt on the rim or brake pad. The changed friction value can lead to vibrations, resulting in noise. Clean the rom thoroughly with methylated spirits, hot water, a soap solution or brake cleaner. When lubricating the chain or other bike parts, please make sure that the brake disc does not come into contact with oils or greases.


Bed-in process:

Don´t forget to bed new rims and pads in before use.


Upgrade your rimbrake with a brake booster

A MAGURA brake booster (Art.Nr.: 0721907) stiffens the brake and eliminates noises. 


Safety information:

We strongly recommend that you read the enclosed manual/operating instructions before using MAGURA products. Always observe and follow all instructions for assembly, operation and maintenance in this manual and the operating instructions of other manufacturers whose products are used on your bicycle – and please don’t overestimate the products’ abilities. Have assembly and maintenance work carried out in a specialist bicycle workshop or in an authorized MAGURA Service Centre, where a professional job is guaranteed. 



Wir weisen Sie ausdrücklich darauf hin, vor der Benutzung von MAGURA Produkten das beiliegende Manual bzw. die Bedienungsanleitung zu lesen. Beachten und befolgen Sie stets alle Hinweise zur Montage, Bedienung und Wartung in diesem Handbuch sowie der Bedienungsanleitung anderer Hersteller, deren Produkte an ihrem Rad verwendet werden. Überschätzen Sie nicht ihre Fähigkeiten. Lassen Sie Montage- und Wartungsarbeiten in einer Fahrrad-Fachwerkstatt oder in einem autorisierten MAGURA Servicecenter durchführen. Nur dort ist die fachgerechte Ausführung gewährleistet.

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