The brake setups of the MAGURA Pro's! - Ep. 3: CC Setups with Alex Bregenzer & Lotte Koopmans

In three episodes we take a look at our athlete´s brake setups and their style of riding bikes. Get inspired and find your customized setup! 


Episode 1: Trail Setups

Episode 2: DH Setups

Episode 3: XCO Setups

Find a comparison of our options at:

For years, MAGURA developers and our athletes have been searching for the perfect mountainbike brake setup. The result? There’s no one perfect setup, customizability is the key to success. Every hand and every rider are different!



#customizeyourbrake: ride what fits best your style!
Ride your bike in style! Individualize your brakes with MAGURA! Not only can you setup performance and ergonomie, but also design!


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