MAGURA and Wolf Tooth present stackable Multi-Tool

With the new 8-bit system, US premium brand Wolf Tooth and MAGURA are now presenting a stackable multi-tool for trailside maintenance on bike and brakes.

Multitools are always a compromise, as they should be able to do as much work on the bike as possible and at the same time be as compact as possible. With over 25 functions, the new Wolftooth 8-bit system manages the demanding balancing act.

The heart of the stackable tool is the extra flat Wolf Tooth 8-bit pack pliers. Bits housed in the handle and secured by magnets give the tool 17 functions for trailside maintenance. Thanks to the ball head, even hard-to-reach places can be easily accessed. The comfortable length of the tool provides helpful leverage, for example even to release pedals.

Wolf Tooth collaborates with brake specialist MAGURA for the disc brake multi-tool. Specific to MAGURA are the brake pad and rotor gauges measuring the minimum thicknesses to ensure your MAGURA brake system is working properly and all parts within the system are maintained as intended. The tool also includes a rotor truing tool and a slotted 8mm pin wrench for tightening the compression sleeve nut on the brake master. The tool is able to sandwish in between the wolftooth trail tool line up making a complete package for trailside maintenance.

RRP: 89,90 € (incl. MAGURA Disc Brake Tool)

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8-Bit Multitool by Wolf Tooth & MAGURA

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