Canyon presents Commuter:ON with MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi)

MAGURA and Canyon attract attention on the eBike market. With a clean cockpit design and smart features, the new bike fits perfectly into the lifestyle of urban commuters.

The new Commuter:ON 8 LTD embodies the Canyon spirit of RIDE UNLTD like no other bike: intuitive versatility and great design. It wasn't awarded with the Red Dot Design Award for nothing: The bike stands out with a weight of only 17 kg, stunning features and a clean design.

Whether commuting by train, shopping or in the morning on the way to work - with the Commuter:ON 8 LTD future-oriented mobility in the city is possible without any restrictions. An important component is the versatile and particularly light FAZUA Ride 60 eBike drive and an elegant design. The silhouette of the bike shines without any frills such as tubings, cables or rattling accessories.

MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi)

The Commuter:ON is one of the first bikes on the market to use the clean MCi. For the first time, the new MAGURA MCi moves the hydraulic unit of the brakes and all the brake lines inside the handlebar. The result is a tidy appearance accompanied by enhanced functionality, offering effective protection against crashes and mechanical damage.

The heart of the MAGURA MCi is a cylinder, which is invisibly located in the handlebar grip area. The dimensions of the expansion reservoir and the piston diameter of the MCi correspond to the dimensions used in the MAGURA MT series. This gives the MCi the same stability and braking force as conventional MAGURA MT brakes.

Starting from the MCi cylinder inside the handlebars, the completely invisible tubings run through the handlebars and stem unit.

The new MAGURA Easy Link tube coupling enables a simple plug-in connection between the MCi and the brake line. During servicing, the entire unit can be separated and dismantled without losing any oil.


More information about the MCi

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Copyright pictures: Canyon/Pol A. Foguet