New MAGURA Tech Videos for CT, MCi and BIG Brake Models

Here you will find all the important information regarding our new products 2022 as well as new information about MAGURA BIG. 


The worldwide first full integration of a hydraulic brake inside the handlebars. Completely without external tubings the MCi has a tidy cockpit, is more aerodynamic and protects the hydraulic components.    

Despite the integration in the handlebars our developers have been equally focused on user friendliness. An innovative Easy Link Tube Connector, for example, makes it easy to disconnect the cable and greatly facilitates the laying of the cable!

More about the MCI: Conceptbike

Tech Videos MCi:

- MAGURA MCi: Filling and Bleeding

- MAGURA MCi: Adjustment Options

MAGURA MCi: Fast Bleeding

- MAGURA MCi: Changing the Lever Unit 

- MAGAURA MCi: Installation EasyLink Tube Connector 

- MAGURA MCi: Replacing Master Cylinder Unit and Brake Tubing 



With its high serviceability the MAGURA CT is aimed at comuters and recreational riders. It impresses with its high and easily controllable braking power and, together with the „MAGURA E-Bike optimized“ components (SPORT brakepads and MDR-P, MDR-C brake discs) it is also predestined for use on E-Bikes. 

Same as with the MAGURA MT the brake lever can be changed individually and the lid of the expansion reservoir is also interchangeable.

More about the CT: Introduction 

Tech Videos CT:

- MAGURA CT: Fast Bleeding 

- MAGUARA CT: Filling and Bleeding 

- MAGURA CT: Changing the Lever Blade

- MAGURA CT: Replacing the Lid of the Expansion Reservoir  







The MAGURA BIG is a living legend among discbrakesystems! As a single or twin variant, one or two brake calipers can be used per brake lever. Perfect for multi-lane vehicles in the new urban sector and on cargo bikes. 

Tech Videos:

MAGURA BIG: Shortening the Brake Tubing

- MAGURA BIG: Filling and Bleeding

- MAGURA BIG: General Installation instructions

- MAGURA BIG: Brake Lever Change and FlipFlop Conversion




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