Prototype levers for Danny MacAskill´s „The Slabs“

It started one year ago when we first talked with Danny about his brake setup for his special video project „The Slabs“. Learn more about his prototypes!
The common goal was to find a setup that would enable him to cope with the extremely steep rocks of the isle of skye with as little hand force and as much braking power as possible.
To achieve this, the MAGURA development team has lengthened a HC3 lever prototype with a new end piece by 9 mm. The increased lever transmission helped Danny to get more braking power with the same hand force. Together with a 220 mm MDR-P rotor, Danny found his optimal setup for the high demands of this unbelievable video project and the nearly vertical 700m downhill.
If you also want to profit from the lever principle, retrofitting the MAGURA 2-finger brake lever offers you a similar effect, only without the double adjustment of the long HC3 prototype by Danny MacAskill.

1-Finger HC3 Lever

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MT7 Pro

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2-Finger Lever

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1-Finger HC-W Lever Blade

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