MAGURA has brought out the new CT, a disc brake for city biking, all-road biking and light biking on mountain trails. Available in 2- and 4-piston versions, it is ideal for e-bikes in combination with the MAGURA E-Bike Optimized kit but also first choice on normal bikes. 

The new CT disc brake is the latest creation from the MAGURA brake experts in Bad Urach, Germany. It is specially designed for all-road use (city, trekking, tours) and biking off of paved roads.  

The MAGURA CT emphasizes easy maintenance, which makes it especially attractive to commuters and recreational bikers. Besides offering high braking force and precise modulation, it is ideal for e-bikes when combined with MAGURA E-Bike Optimized components (SPORT brake pads and MDR-P or MDR-C rotors).  

Proven MAGURA braking performance for maximum safety  

The MAGURA CT’s newly developed axial master cylinder is made of Carbotecture, a reinforced high-tech polymer that is light in weight but extremely resistant to impact and tearing. Carbotecture master cylinders have proved their worth over many years in the MT and HS series.  

The MAGURA CT also has an enlarged expansion reservoir that reduces the risk of air being trapped in the system and ensures reliable long-term operation. Like all MAGURA brakes, it incorporates Easy Bleed Technology and uses environmentally friendly Royal Blood mineral oil as a brake medium. These features have a positive influence on handling, ease of maintenance and length of maintenance intervals.  

The MAGURA CT uses proven 2-piston and 4-piston brake callipers from the MT model series. This means that it is available in three variants: the CT5 with a 4-piston calliper, the CT4 with a 2-piston calliper and the CT4 FM with a flat mount calliper. Users can select the variant that matches their needs. The CT5 and the CT4 both have high heat stability, which ensures a constant, predictable braking force in long braking manoeuvres.  

With the CT MAGURA expands its discbrake system 

By using MT brake calipers, MAGURA not only shows that the calipers from the Bad Urach brake forge are still state-of-the-art, but also opens up completely new possibilities. The new CT brake masters can also be retrofitted onto existing MT brake systems. With this mix and match approach, MAGURA offers its customers even more customization options and at the same time conserves resources in the interests of sustainability. 

Also following the system concept, MAGURA offers the optional "E-Bike optimized" kit for use on e-bikes. Because of their higher speeds and additional weight, e-bikes put a greater load on the brake system and cause increased wear. The E-Bike Optimized kit, which includes durable, quiet SPORT brake pads with short running-in times and reinforced MDR-P or MDR-C rotors, prevents premature wear and ensures constant braking performance even for bikes with electric power. Together with these components, the CT is ideal for use in e-bikes. 

Easier and safer braking  

The leverage ratio and ergonomic features of the MAGURA CT are perfectly matched to the requirements of city and all-road biking. With its clearly defined bite point, low manual force requirements and simple modulation, the CT gives riders a feeling of safety and absolute control in all situations, with or without electric assistance. The CT can be used with 2- or 3-finger lever blades, depending on the usage scenario. The lever blades can be changed as needed, a typical MAGURA advantage.  

Usage scenario: From City to Allroad  

During the week you commute to work on your bike and on weekends you like to go out riding with your family. Whether you ride in town, go trekking or enjoy light mountain trips, your bike can do it all and the MAGURA CT ensures safety and good control under all conditions: pavement, forest paths, city traffic, easy mountain trails or river routes.


The MAGURA CT is now available on certain bicycle models. The aftermarket models will be available from the beginning of 2022 (Europe) and end of 2022 (North America).


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