A real beauty with our HC3

The absolute MAGURA-Enthusiast and Customizer Holger Breuer again made a amazing motorcycle!

FOR CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE builders that skew towards older bikes, nothing satisfies quite like finding a clean, low-mileage donor. But finding a motor with literally zero miles on it? That’s the Holy Grail.

This purposeful cafe racer was built from two components: a beat-up 1992 Honda CB750, and a separate CB750 engine that had never been fired up. It’s the work of Holger Breuer, who builds bikes part time as HB-Custom from his workshop in the German maritime town, Husum.

Besides suspension, cockpit and the rear end, Holger also installed HC3 hydraulic brake and clutch controls from Magura, along with a Magura Hymec hydraulic clutch conversion.

HB-Custom builds are known for being classy and tastefully judged, and if you look closely, you’ll also notice that the gold controls up front match the shock reservoirs out back.

Just visit the Website https://www.hb-custom.de/ or follow HB-Custom on Instagram to see more customized motorcycle with MAGURA!