MAGURA #whostopsyou video series – Episode #3

In this episode, Danny MacAskill talks about E-MTBs, his new passion.

Everyone has their own personal motivation and a very specific goal, but the path to fulfilment is never straight, nor is it easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, hobby biker or a commuter, everyone has their own story of how they push the envelope and redefine the commonplace.

In a new video series, the brake specialist MAGURA tells five personal stories from bikers such as a DH world champion, an XC Olympic athlete and a master chef. What drives them to redefine their lives on their bikes? #whostopsyou

Episode #3 - Danny MacAskill

Wild stunts, amusing videos and millions of YouTube fans all over the world – for years now, Danny has been pushing the limits of possibility with his trials videos – and he’s achieved cult status in the process. However, no one stops the likeable Scotsman from reinventing himself time after time. His new passion is the E-MTB!

Thanks to the motorized support, Danny has particularly rediscovered technical descents, because he can now climb effortlessly and much faster. “I’ve almost become a downhiller with the e-bike. I probably rode 5,000 km downhill last year on it – and I can’t get enough! I’ve never been so excited about biking in my life!”

Danny usually goes to new places on his e-bike. For him, it’s not about completing his usual runs with the e-bike, it’s about experiencing new adventures and discovering new biking territory thanks to the e-support. New routes also mean new obstacles and trails – an important way of developing yourself! So... #whostopsyou?


Danny’s E-MTB brake setup

More bike means more braking power. On the E-MTB, Danny relies on the MAGURA eSTOP components that have been specially adapted to the requirements of motorized bikes. It’s a lot more enjoyable riding effortlessly uphill – going downhill, however, the increased mass and higher speeds pose new challenges for rider and material. His MAGURA MT7 paired with 220/203 mm MDR-P rotors gives him permanently high braking performance, even under heavy continuous loads. The new 220 mm-diameter rotor generates around 10% more braking force than a 203 mm model and 20% more than a 180 mm model – for the same manual force. The higher mass also reduces the risk of brake fading and reduces brake pad wear by 15%.

More about the MAGURA eSTOP components


All the episodes of the video series at a glance:

#1 – Anne Tauber (XC-Olymypionikin)

#2 – Andi Schweiger (Fernsehkoch & Cargobike-Pionier)

#3 – Danny MacAskill (Trial-Star)

#4 – Tobias Woggon (MTB-Abenteurer)

#5 – Loic Bruni (DH Weltmeister)


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