MAGURA #whostopsyou Videoserie – Episode #2

In the second of five videos star chef Andi Schweiger is telling his unique #whostopsyou story. From star cuisine during the corona pandemic and the pursuit of sustainability. Instead of buying ingredients by car, he is increasingly relying on the cargo bike and reinventing himself!

Everyone has ist own motivation and goal, getting there is never straight or easy. No matter if pro athlete, weekend warrior or commuter. Everyone has ist own story.

In a new videoseries MAGURA is telling five unique stories – from a Downhill Worldchamp, to Cross-Country athletes and even a cook. Was drives them to define their lifes new?

Episode #2 - Andi Schweiger

Do I really have to go the three kilometers to the next market by car? A question that star chef Andi and his cargo bike clearly answer with no.

On his way to questioning himself again and again, to develop himself further, sustainability is Andi Schweiger´s new big topic. Anyone who advocates regional and seasonal ingredients should ultimately not only think about the ecological footprint of their dinner but also about their own. More and more often he leaves his car behind and takes the cargobike to shop all ingredients. Anyone who thinks that shopping by bike is cumbersome or simply not possible, he likes to teach you better.


Details about his Cargobike


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