Tibor Simai’s Salsa Cassidy Cosmic Sports Pro Edition

A detailed look at the new Enduro bike and MAGURA #customizeyourbrake setup of our ambassador Tibor Simai!

MAGURA: You don’t see a Salsa MTB every day, this legendary brand is currently more at home in the Fatbike and travel segment. What is your particular use for this bike and why did you choose this specific model?

Tibor: Enduro is your new Segment. It wasn’t only the aluminium version of the frame that appealed to me optically, it was also the geometric data that convinced me to choose this bike. I’m generally enjoy new experiences and after Pivot, Evil and Santa Cruz the Salsa Cassidy with 170mm/165mm suspension and 29“ my new fun bike. 

Can you give us your thoughts on the colour concept?

As you know I experienced the BMX years of the early 80s. During this time colour schemes were everything.

In this case I wanted to mix colours that you shouldn’t really mix. Purple with magneta and pink with light green. Using this colour scheme we created the Troy Lee Designs A3 Helm. Purple Magenta fade glitter, as you can tell we had a lot of fun. I find this combined with dark clothes very stylisch.

With the attachments you use a mixture of aluminium and carbon. Did you choose these materials deliberately and if so why?

Each component is very deliberately chosen to meet exact requirements.

MAGURA Carbon Brake Levers: the feel of the carbon lever is somewhat different to that of the aluminium version. For me this is the best lever of all time because the touch surface for the finger is really comfotable. I know what I am talking about as a tester for BIKE magazine. Side effect: The carbon Levers are also very comfortable in the cold.

e*13 Carbon Rims: Are a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately the wheel contruction with this material is no longer so spectacular as the carbon rims eclipse everything else. 

e*13 Aluminium Winder: The bulbous contruction of the carbon winder and scratches on it annoy me. I find the Aluminium version optically the most attractive winder on the market and scratches on this version irritate me as little as the scratches on the pedal. 

e*13 Carbon Handlebars: Comfort and stability. 

As a former 4X and BMX Pro everyone knows how strong your thighs are. Given that why do you have a 30 chainring in front?

I mainly had my bikes with 34 or 32 teeth. Of course that’s fine when you ride a lot on flat ground or in the park. My regular route in my home area in the bavarian forest reaches 1400hm by 38Km. It’s possible but exhausting and with a low number of revolutions. I would even consider changing to a 28 chain to give my damaged knee, meniscus and cartilage a bit more RPM.

No electric gimmicks, why?

Do you know the feeling when you want to get started and you discover that the battery of the circuit, light or heart rate monitor is not fully charged?

I’m fortunate enough to have many bikes and when I want to get started there is always something that is not charged. Because of this I’m changing back to non electric systems. Apart from my E-bike of course, I still manage to charge that.

With so much individuality there is no chance that you have left out your brake. What is your #customizeyourbrake Setup?

The polished calipers have always been a highlight for me. They match perfectly with the stainless steel spokes that glitter in the sunshine.

The break covers were a surprise form MAGURA. I knew absolutely nothing about this, I only mentioned in passing what my plan was for the colour. The BC show my family crest and my logo. 

Why did you choose the Storm HC rotors and not the MDR-P like on your E-Bike? One could say „The bigger the better“?

Optically however I would not choose the MDR-P discs for this bike. As I mentioned the MAGURA calipers with the silver spokes combined with the Storm HC rotors are a silver highlight for me.

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