New HC Loic Bruni Lever Blade
& individual covers

MAGURA has introduced new products and completely new customization options, just in time for the start of the 2019 season – and the new #customizeyourbrake Buyers Guide also offers comprehensive guidance for individual brake customization and adjustment.

MAGURA has expanded the range of #customizeyourbrake options with a new lever blade and individually-printable design covers. To achieve the best possible ergonomic and individualised adjustment, MAGURA has entered into a collaborative agreement with the ergonomics specialist SQlab.


Close cooperation with the athletes is an important part of the #customizeyourbrake philosophy. Partnerships with athletes have a direct impact on the development of new products – like the partnership with Downhill World Champion Loïc Bruni.

Last year MAGURA presented a new lever blade prototype on Loïc’s world champion bike. The new blade was especially adapted to meet the special wishes of the world champion – a short 1-finger lever blade, a wide reach and a agressive braking feel. The new lever blade also offers comfortable ergonomics, especially for large hands.

The lever blade is now also available for our retail customers. Like the prototype, the series lever blade is also produced in Germany using an elaborate 3D metal printing process, which has produced a lever blade that combines low weight with a high degree of rigidity. The blasted surface also provides sufficient grip and a unique look.

The new HC LOIC BRUNI lever blade is compatible with Carbotecture and Carbotecture SL masters and therefore with all MT models. The new #customizeyourbrake Buyers Guide will help you to compare all the new lever blade models.


Price: 79,90 €
Weight: 16 g (– 20 %*)
Availability: from May 13
*compared to MAGURA HC Aluminum lever blade




MAGURA now offers a configurator for the Carbotecture SL brake master covers, to help you customize the brake design to match your taste. Customers can choose between serial cover color options and fully-customized covers.

Simply upload an image or a logo, create your design and order it online (!


Price: from 14,90 €
Availability: from now




Maximum performance through optimized ergonomics and individual brake setups – that’s the goal of #customizeyourbrake. MAGURA presents the #customizeyourbrake Buyers Guide, making it easier for every customer to optimally find and adjust his or her brake. The Guide provides an overview of all the customization options for MAGURA brakes and leads the reader to the optimal brake configuration in three simple steps.

Step 1: Performance

Choose the brake model that suits you and match it to your riding style with the right rotor & pads.

Step 2: Ergonomics

No two hands are alike. Find the right lever blade ergonomics for you.

Stept 3: Design

Choose the design of your brake.

MAGURA also cooperates with the ergonomics specialist SQlab to determine ergonomically- ideal brake settings. The result is an Ergonomics Guide that determines the best possible brake setting in three steps, preventing discomfort and increasing the performance of the brake. You’ll find more information on the Ergonomics Guide in the corresponding press release.

The #customizeyourbrake Buyers Guide – including tips for brake adjustment – can be found at the following link or download the brochure here.