With the new Antibug visor cleaning sponge, MAGURA has a chemical-free alternative to keep your helmet visor free from insects and dirt.

Impediments to your clear field of vision from insect residues can be effortlessly removed with the Antibug visor cleaning sponge by MAGURA. Just wet the sponge with water, squeeze it out and you're ready to go! When you wipe off the visor, the insect residues are removed without firm pressure – as simply and effectively as if by magic! Thanks to its fine microcell structure, the Antibug removes dirt with ease. The Antibug sponge is also 100% free of chemical cleaning agents.

The sponge remains moist in its resealable bag and can be used at any time. The sponge can simply be rinsed with water after use. In addition to the Antibug sponge, the cleaning set also includes a microfiber cloth for drying visors.

“No chemicals – just water for my helmet”: For everyone who lives by this motto but still wants a clear field of vision, the Antibug visor cleaning sponge by MAGURA is an alternative.

This new cleaning set is available from motorcycle dealerships and gear shops and at €5.99 is an affordable addition to this season's equipment.

More information about the MAGURA Antibug visor cleaning set can be found at

Recommended price: € 5.99 (incl. VAT)



MAGURA Antibug

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