1 finger power

New HC brake lever for increased ergonomic performance. Famous motorbike makes such as BMW and KTM already use MAGURA HC Technology to improve their performance.

MAGURA’s HCT range, with HCT standing for Hard Core Tech, originates from the MAGURA Powersport product range and combines all the developments and special
detail improvements that have been developed to meet the requirements of racing and other highly demanding applications.

Now MAGURA is bringing HCT to the mountain bike. The HC brake lever has been developed as a retrofit to upgrade and optimize the ergonomic performance of MT disk brakes. The ergonomics of the short HC aluminum lever mean that it can reliably deliver full braking power at the touch of just one finger. The feedback and experience of Danny MacAskill were key to the design and new ergonomics of the 12 mm shorter HC lever.

Weighing no more than the standard 2-finger aluminum levers, the HC technology version radically improves ergonomic performance.
The new brake lever is available as an upgrade for all MAGURA MT disk brakes MT6/MT7/MT Trail (MT8 to be added) from model year 2015.

The black anodized leversare available for purchase from the end of August.

RRP EUR 75.80 (per PAIR)