YOUR Brake! YOUR Design!

Ride your bike in style! 

Add the last design touch to your bike and rock on the trails!

1. Individual Covers

MAGURA now offers a configurator for the Carbotecture SL brake master covers (MT6/MT8/MT7/MT TRAIL CARBON/SL from MJ 2015), to help you customize the brake design to match your taste.

Customers can choose between serial cover colour options and fully-customized covers.

Simply upload an image or a logo, create your design and order it online!

2. Rings

Customize your brake caliper with 12 different color rings.


Individualize your brake caliper to match your frame and style! 



  • blue, neon red, neon yellow

  • purple, red, neon pink

  • white, gold, silver

  • neon green, cyan, mint green