The universal shock with the best response behaviour and fully utilisable spring stroke: the Magura TS RC shock with the three stage settings Open, Firm and Lock-out mode. Adjustments are made tool-free directly on the shock. Open Mode: the shock works with the best response behaviour and makes the most of the spring stroke. Firm Mode: for an aggressive riding style with reduced sensitivity for a firmer suspension. Lock-out Mode: locked mode with blow-off function. The universal setup of the TS RC shock is suitable for virtually all frame kinematics. You can also adjust the cushioning characteristics via the optional Volume Spacer Set.

Designed and engineered in Germany

349,00 €*
*including 19% VAT. German RRP

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Three ride modes

Just one click is all it takes to set the shock to the right mode for the best performance depending on riding style and conditions – be it Open Mode, Firm Mode for tighter suspension or Lock-out Mode.
Open / Firm / Lock-out Mode

Adjustable cushioning characteristics

Cushioning characteristics adjustable via Volume Tuning to fine-tune the shock absorber’s behaviour to suit your preferences.
Volume Spacer

Wide area of use

The shock absorber offers the right performance for many areas of use and frame kinematics thanks to its versatile cushioning characteristics.
Versatile in use


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