Quality you can touch - control levers and control solutions by MAGURA.

Whether mechanical, electromechanical or hydraulic controls or individual parts or complex assemblies - MAGURA has the best possible solution. We combine user comfort, high efficiency and maximum profitability with reliable quality.

Our spectrum extends from simple levers to high-performance hydraulics. We manufacture simple components with the same focus on quality as with complex assemblies. Ergonomics, safety and competitive market prices are just as important to us as long life and high quality.

With innovative energy and a decades-long consistenly high level of quality, we have established ourselves as a high-performance international systems partner.

Customer orientation and love of details - even on seemingly small jobs - set MAGURA apart. We want our customers to profit from our products. MAGURA solutions: Always a class in themselves.


Many components are required to set machines, systems and vehicles into motion, to accelerate them or bring them to a stop. And what is always true is this: Every process and impulse must proceed safely, in controlled manner and as comfortably as possible. It sounds easy, but requires a lot of know-how.

In interaction with our customers, thinking outside the box is one of MAGURA's strong points.

Product development and an expert evaluation of the technical scope of the customer's situation and an eye for optimal procedures in production make MAGURA solutions unique. This all happens in a teamwork environment with the client. From product idea to mass production, we create the basis for first class products this way. In the process, we always focus on overall potential with regard to profitability and round out our competence with modern logistics solutions.

Electromechanical controls

In addition to the mechanical and hydraulic devices MAGURA also stands for electro-mechanical solutions. These include electro-mechanical actuating lever (biased-off switch), heated grips and e-throttle.

In cooperation with our cooperation company BEBRO Electronic we develop and manufacture customized solutions. Technically sophisticated plastic components which are build into your products, are designed and manufactured in-house to your specifications. Tell us your tasks and we develop compelling solutions for you.


As the term indicates, "hand-operated machines" have to be guided. Therefore, the interface between man and machine is of utmost importance.

Here, MAGURA combines technical competence with secure haptic sensation, ergonomics and product design. Because we put people first.

Wherever expert control, high operational comfort and safety are required, MAGURA is your first choice. MAGURA develops and manufactures handlebars, grips and control levers of all kinds and is as a result a provider of first choice for leading vendors.

Of course, another focus of the collaboration is the targeted and customer-oriented solution of problems. Many years of experience as a system partner for machine and vehicle manufacturers around the world provides a sound basis for individual product development and economic manufacturing of the finest quality.

MAGURA components make motorized two-wheel vehicles more easily controllable and facilitate the control of equipment, from garden tools to the operation of agricultural and construction equipment. In controls, steering, regulation, the width of the application spectrum of MAGURA extends from the motor vehicle industry to medical technology to rehabilitation.


Download the latest catalogue with all MAGURA industrial control. Here you will find everything you need to operate and control hand-operated machines and equipment.



Anyone who works with hand-operated machines out in the open or rides a motorcycle during cold weather knows that situations can occur in which fingers suffer from the cold, and not just in the winter. Even thick gloves have only a limited protective effect long term against heat loss and thus stiff fingers. Cold makes it harder to control a machine, which in turn significantly affects the quality and safety of the work.

MAGURA heated grips help in this regard, since they provide effective protection, even against extreme cold, and hands remain comfortably flexible. Our handle covers made of various plastic materials in high quality and top design are products of our composite department.