​Hydraulics & Safety for Comfort and Sport – you could scarcely find a more fitting slogan for the Bad Urach SME MAGURA. For, with its traditional core competence hydraulics, MAGURA not only stands for passion and technical innovation, but most importantly for maximum safety and exemplary quality – for over 120 years.


​Around 550 employees in Germany, Asia and the USA produce high-tech components daily for all kinds of two-wheelers that guarantee astounding durability, maximum safety standards and pure riding enjoyment.​​


The company’s other strengths lie in the field of plastics technology and powersports – BMW motorcycles, for instance, have been equipped with MAGURA components for 90 years.

MAGURA Locations worldwide

Bad Urach

With the birth of Bad Urach is located since 1893 the headquarters of MAGURA. Shopping, development and sales of bicycle brakes and motorcycle components are held here.


The village community Hengen belongs to the city of Bad Urach. At this location the production of bicycle brakes, motorcycle components and other industrial parts occurs.


In adjacent to Bad Urach village Hülben the MAGURA is composite. Most bicycle and motorcycle encoders are produced there with high-quality plastics and skillful technique.


In Taiwan, Taichung another branch exists under the name MAGURA ASIA. MAGURA ASIA operates the production of forks and some disc brakes. The management of sales for the Asian two-wheeler market is also located in Taichung.


In the US, the state of Illinois is another mainstay of MAGURA named MAGURA USA. MAGURA USA primarily controlled distribution of the Americas.

MAGENWIRTH Technologies

The Holding is the connecting element in the Group. It is the networker between technologies, partners and the sources of ideas and it supports the companies in their development. Holding management initiates dynamic and cross-innovative development processes, links technologies and makes synergies utilizable.

MAGENWIRTH Technologies

MAGURA | Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG

VW Beetle Fuel Gauge

MAGURA Group Ride
at the famous Solitude


​The long tradition of MAGURA in the area of mechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering and plastics technology has been effectively enhanced by the in-depth expertise of the subsidiaries in electronics. The Group's customers, who come from countless industrial sectors, enable the extensive know-how and intercompany synergy effects to be put to common purpose for finding effective answers to their daily problems.

Thanks to its consistent customer orientation, innovative spirit, flexibility and outstanding policies on quality and service, the Group will also meet coming challenges. Competitively minded, committed employees will be the basis for its success. Into the future with machines and electronics.


For over 120 years, we have been passionately and wholeheartedly engaged in providing technical solutions in the area of hand-operated machines. Our products are used in vehicles ranging from bicycles to go-karts, in construction and agricultural equipment, patient beds and wheel chairs, for example, as well as in small aircraft or hand-operated systems of all kinds.

Over and over, we have set standards with groundbreaking developments and with our infectious optimism. User and industrial customers value our enthusiasm at the interface between man and machine. Whether as an original equipment manufacturer for the motorcycle and automobile industry or as a producer of accessories in a wide variety of industrial branches. Whether mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical or electronic products - MAGURA stands for performance and emotion.

Our employees drive motorcycles themselves, use agricultural equipment, are enthusiastic bicyclists or passionate model vehicle fans. What defines MAGURA is our inner connection with what we do.

The world of MAGURA combines the most modern product technology with the deep inner conviction of creating products that are not only in a technical class of their own, but are completely fascinating. This intensive product experience does not come out of thin air. The toughest race tracks on and offroad all over the world are our test tracks. Pros and globetrotters test for us under the toughest possible conditions.