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Urgent Safety information!

Replacement Action MT6 and MT8

MAGURA MT Replacement

Replacement action MT6 and MT8

Dear sirs,

MAGURA is replacing the brake levers of the models MT6 and MT8! Click HERE to check whether your brake is affected.

During the course of product observation, MAGURA has detected that there are faults in part of a production batch of the disc brakes MT6 and MT8 what possibly could be a risk for the cyclist.

In order to avoid any risks, MAGURA will replace the affected brake levers. We urgently recommend that you refrain from further use of this products.

MAGURA disc brakes MT4 and MT2 are not affected!

We will make every effort to ensure that this Replacement action is concluded as smoothly as possible whilst causing a minimum of inconvenience to our valued customers. We would like to take this opportunity in advance to thank you very much for your support and understanding in relation to this matter.

This Replacement only applies to a limited number of MT6 and MT8 brakes which can be exactly identified by a production number at the brake calliper or without a production number on the calliper.

Your MAGURA Passion People Team