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Plastic-metal connections
Insert technology from the semi-automatic small-lot production up to industrial scale manufactured with camera-monitored, full automatic manufacturing cells


Assembly of componentry
with mechanic and electronic or hydraulic and pneumatic components

Area of application Automation / Robotics
Manometric / Vacuum switch

Plastic technology / Production engineering

  • inhouse developed product of the Munz-Magenwirt Gruppe
  • window / Electronics
  • pressure sealed storage
  • compact plastic-metal combination  additionally with integrated electronics
  • VO-execution (highest fire protection classification)
  • snap connection
  • core fold technique

These manometric/vacuum switches constitute an inhouse developed product by the Munz-Magenwirth Gruppe. 

The lying product stands out against other products typical of the market amongst other things due to a flexible but even though pressure sealed connection. 

The result of an intensive collaboration between electronic development and plastics technology. Don't miss out on profiting from these synergy effects.

Window of polycarbonate with dull and transparent areas.

The constructional design of the spring locking components and the manufacturing under observation of process safety.

Pressure-sealed and pressed-in multiple-pole connection.