Customize your Brake!

More performance and cool look - with MAGURA tuning parts you get the most out of your bike and create your own individual look. Make it yours!


Anti-heat, anti-drag, anti-squeal – the rotors from MAGURA perfectly consert with the brake, dissipate the heat optimally and achieve maximum power also with muddy conditions. You can choose between two brake rotors according to the area of application:


The Storm HC rotor is designed for extreme use and unparralled braking perfomance under high braking forces. It doesn´t matter whether at the Downhill-Worldcup, at the trial shows of Danny MacAsikill or at the Enduro World Series.


The successor to the STORM SL rotor combines minimal weight with excellent braking performance. Perfect for sporty use, the new STORM SL.2 has been given the features of the STORM HC and offers even more stability. Ideal for its intended use, the disc brake is available in 160mm (100g) and 180mm (118g) diameters and is approved for 2 and 4-piston brake callipers. The choice of the marathon world champion Annika Langvad.


Choose your favorite colour for an individual look of your bike. Covers for calipers in blue, neon-red and neon-yellow make your bike totally unmistakable. Available for 2- and 4- piston calipers.


It´s not only a clamp but also a colourful highlight! MAGURA offers, analog to the Cover-Kit, clamps in neon-yellow, cyan-blau, chrom-polished, or classically in black or silver. The shiftmix clamps arrange more space at the handlebars. You can fit the brake lever and the gearshift on one clamp with minimum space requirements.


Every lever has its own character, such as a 1- or 2-finger lever blade with different adjustment possibilities.


The ergonomics of the short HC aluminum lever blade mean that it can reliably deliver full braking power at the touch of just one finger. Weighing no more than the standard 2-finger aluminum lever blades, the HC technology version radically improves ergonomic performance.


The HC3 is shortened and carries a lot of features for individual adjustments. Every rider can tune in his personal braking feeling perfectly. A unique feature is the adjustment of the leverage which changes the braking power.

Opportunities for individual adjustments of the HC3 lever blade:

  • Reach Adjust with Inbus SW3: the lever can be adjusted quick and simple to your handsize, finger length or personal preferences.
  • Ratio Adjust with Torx T25: When changing the leverage mechanically the braking power is adjusted differently, which leads to perfect amount of braking power for every situation:
    • High leverage on sticky terrain = high braking power
    • Small leverage on slippery terrain = extended modulation.


The carbolay lever blade is characterized by an extra light carbon construction. The ergonomic form guarantees a great feeling.




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