Top braking power for urban and single-speed bikes

An urban version of our classicproduct. The model speifically targets single speeders and flat bar racers: originlly clean. The hydraulic quickRelease for easy wheels changes is one of the high-lights of the HS 33 R Urban.

Huge braking power for trial bikes

The HS33 R Trial will impress with its high quality finish, the elegant 2-finger lever, the angular shape of the brake lever and its additional features for the competition Trial-use. The trial version is already fitted as standard with the red rim brake pads to ensure top braking performance on polished aluminum rims.

Precision control

    The closed hydraulic system and ball bearings minimise friction loss to guarantee maximum control for precision braking.

For trial performance

    Stable and practical IDM mounts perfectly adapted to the demands of a trial bike.

Tech Details

  • Weight 310g
  • Mounting Central Bolt
More Info


  • Weight 320g
  • Mounting IDM