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Braking performance is the core competence of every HS brake, 100% reliable, powerful braking and optimal modulation under all and any conditions for which MAGURA hydraulic rim brakes have repeatedly and deservedly won top marks in tests.

MAGURA eLECT - Your mode automatically

Locked or unlocked, when it matters. Automatically.

The intelligent eLECT module from MAGURA senses the riding situation, second by second, meter for meter. Due to the effectiveness of the 3D-acceleration sensor any changes to the inclination or impacts are immediately registered. Completely independent of your adrenaline level. In short: Your mode automatically.

Easy backfitting. MAGURA suspension forks.

eLECT matches all MAGURA TS8 R, TS6 forks and all suspension forks from model year 2010 on. The wireless module can also be fitted directly to MT brakes. To all other types it can easily be added with an extra clamp.

For further eLECT informations please visit our eLECT-Microsite!


The first dropper seat post with wireless remote control!

Ride with 100% safety and efficiency, at the touch of a button. No wires, and made in Europe.

MAGURA MT7 a Testchampion again!

Magura MT7 with Top-Performance compared with all 2015 brake models.

The New Generation Of MT-Brakes


The Introduction of the new MT-brake generation is the evolution of our Carbotecture® technology. Lightest weight, high performance and balanced ergonomics goes along with your bike.

Next to the well known two-piston caliper brakes we expanded our portfolio to four-piston-caliper brakes, which brings MAGURAs competence from powersports onto your bicycle. 

The unique magnetiXchange technology allows easy brake pad changing and reduces squealing. 

Brake SMOOTH. Ride Safe.