MT4 THE ALLROUNDER The brake lever of the MT4 is manufactured from CARBOTECTURE®. As with the models toward the top end of the range, stability and rigidity are retained by using a greater capacity and wall thickness. Tool-free centre-of-pressure adjustment is also incorporated into the brake lever. The brake calliper is identical to that of the MT6
  • Top P!
  • Bite adjust technology (BAT)
  • ANTI-Features
  • FEEL SAFETY-Ergonomics
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)
  • Weight 330g (including 160 mm Storm Rotor)
Technical features |  Open hydraulic disc brake system with completely integrated reservoir. EBT technology for superfast and convenient bleeding. Dual piston fixed caliper with automatic pad wear adjustment in a smart One Piece Design for maximum stiffness. Pad wear thickness can be checked without removal of the pads. The master is made out of our innovative Carbotecture® with a extremely durable lever blad and integrated reach adjust. Featuring a cool look, distinctively enhanced durability and optimized friction performance for stunning brake power. Available with 203, 180, 160 and 140 mm diameter. Featherlight 2-finger blade with integrated reach adjust.
Weight |  From 330g/0.61 lbs. onwards incl. 160 mm Storm Rotor.

Colours |  Brake lever and caliper in a shiny white body, and black lever blade.

Guarantee | 5-year leakproof warranty after online registration on


  • eLECT

Locked or unlocked, when it matters. Automatically.

The intelligent eLECT module from MAGURA senses the riding situation, second by second, meter for meter. Due to the effectiveness of the 3D-acceleration sensor any changes to the inclination or impacts are immediately registered. Completely independent of your adrenaline level. In short: Your mode automatically.


Your mode automatically. With new technology by MAGURA.

The electronic ON-OFF and Blow-Off-Function in DLO² (Dynamic Lock Out) eLECT makes sure that you are in the right mode automatically.  With its 3D-Sensors it reacts to shocks, incline and decline - second by second, meter by meter. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy your ride. So have fun!


More information about the NEW eLECT on the eLECT-Microsite

MAGURA suspension with integrated eLECT you'll find here!