• eLECT

Locked or unlocked, when it matters. Automatically.

The intelligent eLECT module from MAGURA senses the riding situation, second by second, meter for meter. Due to the effectiveness of the 3D-acceleration sensor any changes to the inclination or impacts are immediately registered. Completely independent of your adrenaline level. In short: Your mode automatically.


Your mode automatically. With new technology by MAGURA.

The electronic ON-OFF and Blow-Off-Function in DLO¬≤ (Dynamic Lock Out) eLECT makes sure that you are in the right mode automatically.  With its 3D-Sensors it reacts to shocks, incline and decline - second by second, meter by meter. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy your ride. So have fun!


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MAGURA suspension with integrated eLECT you'll find here!